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Cooling off in the Keys

September 18, 2008

Thanks to a few big storms and the coming of fall the weather has been getting real nice here lately, especially at night.  And ain’t that the best time to be in Key West anyway?  Fantasy Fest is coming soon and it’s time to find a place to sleep – when you do sleep – and get your party paint ready.


Christmas Tree Island to be Developed

May 7, 2007

Christmas Tree Island, the natural island next to Sunset Key, is about to be developed.  We all knew that this little paradise couldn’t last forever.  It’s just sad to see it go.  The Bernstein family is the owners of the island and it’s difficult to get mad at them because most would do what they are doing, but there is a hope that somehow a compromise can be found to save the man-made island or at least keep a large portion of it natural and open to the wild.  

Win a Job in Key West

May 2, 2007

The Lazy Dog Win a Job in
Key West contest is about to get interesting.  The date for entries was April 30th.  Now we have to all sit back and wait for the results of who will be chosen as finalist.  If we are lucky we will get to view the final competition for the job on a reality TV show.  I’m very interested in seeing who wins the job in
Key West.  Any job that lets you take your dog to work sounds great to me.