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Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson

April 5, 2007

A few years ago I was planning a trip to the
Dry Tortugas to do some snorkeling.  My trip plans were cut short when I fount out that that the National Park Service had closed all snorkeling and diving around Fort Jefferson because a crocodile had been seen in the area.  I’ll be honest; I didn’t know we had crocodiles in this part of the world.  I soon found out that we do and one had shut down the under water recreation at the park until the crocodile had been caught and moved to another location. 

I had been to FortJefferson before and will go again.  The snorkeling and diving around the fort is some of the best in the Florida Keys region and the ruins of the fort are a real delight to see.  For bird lovers there is a bird sanctuary on the island that attracts thousands of birds.  I guess it’s some sort of resort for birds.