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The Key West Soap Factory Makes a Splash in the Natural Soap Industry

November 16, 2007

The Key West Soap Factory Makes a Splash in the Natural Soap Industry – Making Great Soap One Loaf at a Time 

The Key West soap factory makes a big slash as it begins its nationwide marketing expansion. The company has grown by leaps & bounds since appearing 3 times on the Michael Baisden syndicated radio show.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 12, 2007 — They Key West Soap factory is fast becoming a household name for natural soap buyers in South Florida. The company has been marketing its products on line, at kiosks and green markets all over South Florida, with many of its customers using the different natural ingredient soap for years.

The company was founded by Warren Spear, a computer consultant by trade who just took an interest in learning how to make soap after being laid off in the aftermath of 911.

After years of buying soap for himself and his family and just not being satisfied with the products. “It just seemed that even the so called natural soaps were still loaded with chemicals, I decided to create something that was high quality, and free of chemicals at an affordable price.”

Spear, and his wife Marcia, started very small and marketed the soaps on the weekends. Customers would come from all over just to buy their favorites. After several months, the client list continued to grow and the couple began to expand their business to meet the new demand. Spear had planned to launch his product nationally later this year, but fate has sped up his time clock.

All of that changed on May 5 2007. One of the customers who came by one of their kiosks was syndicated radio personality Michael Baisden. Mr. Baisden tried the soap and became an instant fan. He contacted Warren to appear on his show and now orders are coming in from all over the country. “It was amazing, we watched our hits go from a few hundred a day to 15,000 hits a day. Michael has really taken a liking to our product, he has had us on his show 3 time since May 5.” Warren is now entertaining national companies looking to carry his line, as well as smaller distributors all over the country.

“This is a dream come true,” said Warren. “I always knew we had a great product and that if we just kept believing and working hard we would be successful.”

Now Warren & Marcia are looking for the right investor to provide the backing for their innovative retail store concept. “We have our sites on some very key domestic markets to start.”

The soaps are made of all natural ingredients and are formulated to address many skin types. “We have soaps that target oily, dry, flaky, and acne prone skin, we even have a line made for dogs.” What makes the soaps special is their strict use of botanicals, essential oils, and other ingredients from the earth.

“The soaps are created recognizing that consumers don’t mind paying a little more for the best quality,” explained Marcia, who oversees the production of the products. “We created a very special process and formula for each soap, so it is now my job to make sure that special care and attention goes in to each bar.”

The goal of the Key West Soap Factory is to provide noticeably high end natural products that are free from synthetic additives. “We are not striving to be the largest soap producer in the country or the world, we simply want to make the best products possible.”

To learn more, please visit The Key West Soap Factory really is making quality Soap One loaf at a Time!