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Kenny Chesney Playing Free Show Thur in Key West

March 10, 2009

Kenny Chesney will be playing live at Sloppy Joes at 5 PM this Thursday.  This is a free show so show up early and have fun.  If you’re not in Key West this is a great reason to make the drive.


Cooling off in the Keys

September 18, 2008

Thanks to a few big storms and the coming of fall the weather has been getting real nice here lately, especially at night.  And ain’t that the best time to be in Key West anyway?  Fantasy Fest is coming soon and it’s time to find a place to sleep – when you do sleep – and get your party paint ready.

Colorado Vacation

May 29, 2008

The perfect life is to live in Key West during the winter and Colorado in the summer.  That way you could hike all day in the summer and sail all winter in the Keys.  Maybe you have the means to do this or maybe you’ll have to settle for a Colorado vacation and a Key West vacation for now.  Both are great destinations.  My new Colorado site, linked above, has a lot of fun things to do in Colorado including the best places to see and best things to do. 

Best Time to Visit Key West

November 12, 2007

This is the best time to visit Key West, Florida.  The weather has cooled off but it’s still warm enough to have a blast enjoying the sun, beaches, and water.  If you have been thinking about visiting the Keys this is the time.